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Imagine walking into a living space that looks clean, fresh, and with colors that perfectly fit your aesthetic. At SB Professional Painting, we want to make this dream a reality. Our team of painters will show up on time and provide you with the quality you expect in a timeline that’s unexpected!.

Professional Power Washing Services For A Happy Home Pressure Washing

Removing dirt, algae, and washing away grime prolongs the life of your home’s surfaces. Salt, sand, algae, and moss can damage wood, blacktop, concrete, paving, and siding over time. A power wash completed by a professional keeps all these surfaces in tip-top shape.

At SB Professional Painting, our power washing service is done without the use of harsh chemicals. Instead, we use the latest power washing technology to get incredible results. Our trained technicians will make every effort to minimize hassle and maximize convenience.

Professional Staining Services Custom Stain / Vanish

Your deck is a major part of your home. It’s where you spend warm summer evenings relaxing with your family and weekends sharing a barbeque with your friends and neighbors. You want the material of your deck to last as long as possible and to weather summer storms as well as winter elements. The best way to protect your deck is to have it stained on a regular basis. The deck staining professionals at SB Professional Painting have helped countless homeowners keep their decks weather-resistant and visually appealing.

Having A Clean Roof Doesn’t Have To Be Over Your Head! Roof Cleaning

Ensuring your roof is clean and taken care of is essential in extending its life, which will save you in the long run! Our roof washing services will remove dirt, debris, dust, algae, moss, mold, and mildew that can build up and latch onto your roof, causing it to deteriorate over time. 

At SB Professional Painting, our roof washing service is completed with the latest and greatest technologies. Our team arrives ready to work and will leave your roof shining in just one detailed visit.

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One-stop Waterproofing Solutions Waterproofing / Sealing

SB Professional Painting waterproofing experts provide owners with a unique complete system approach that offers the right combination of concrete repair, waterproofing and sealant products for the most cost-effective, reliable and long-lasting waterproofing solution.

We supply innovative, fast-curing hand and spray-applied waterproofing technologies, whose versatility addresses the refurbishment and protection of a variety of structures.

SB Professional Painting sealants are designed to create a tenacious bond allowing for movement between two or more surfaces while preventing water, moisture or contaminates from entering the structure. These bonds durably resist water and chemical attack, protecting the integrity of the structure, even in high movement and moisture environments.

beautiful and durable floors Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Flooring for inside your home is a great option for a durable and resistant flooring option.

High traffic and commercial locations need tough flooring that can stand up to the demands of the job. When you’re ready for an upgrade, consider epoxy floors which offer great benefits over older materials such as tiles or carpets.

The variety of colours, flake patterns and metallic finishes available for floors is endless. Some examples include Flake flooring which incorporates coloured pieces applied with an epoxy resin to create a seamless covering.

More Than Just Drywall Repair Drywall Repairs

Our expert technicians specialize in drywall repair, ceiling repair, plaster repair, and drywall installation. No matter how small or big the job, SB Professional Painting have you covered. We’ve fixed thousands of holes over the years, which has allowed us to develop a highly-advanced, incredibly efficient drywall and plaster repair process. Most jobs are completed the same day they begin. You won’t believe how seamlessly our patches blend in with the rest of your wall.

we help you renovate every space Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal is a tedious, frustrating, and long process. It is also a tricky one which results in unnecessary damage to your walls that’s difficult to repair if done incorrectly by someone without the proper experience. Our ability to deliver impeccable results is the reason why our customers trust our services.

Our crews use the highest-quality tools available for wallpaper removal, from the simplest scraping and sanding tools to heavy-duty industrial steamers. Thanks to years of professional experience, they will do the job faster and better than any DIY enthusiast.

Stucco Repair & Painting Stucco Repair

Our exterior painting professionals know just how to handle your stucco painting and repair needs. No longer will bulging stucco, cracks, and brown streaks plague your home. We will work our magic, replace any damaged exterior, and have your home looking like new in no time. From repairs to color options, we’re here to help. Because we like to keep our customer service personal, our locally-owned and operated team will work with you to determine what stucco repairs your home needs. All this at a price you can afford.

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